Are you in need of an investigation?

We specialize in the following services with prompt results, full discretion and comprehensive reports. If there is a service not listed here that you need, contact us – our network is extensive and our goal is solving your problem.

– Personal Injury
– Marital Investigations

Status and Trace Work
– Tracing of Witnesses, Debtors and Missing Persons
– Pre-Employment Checks
– Confidential Checks on Business Associates
– Background Reports on Companies or Individuals

Other Services
– Service of Legal Documents
– Credit Checks/Discovery of Assets
– Recorded Statements
– Mystery Shopper
– Fingerprint, Voice and Handwriting Analysis
– Mortgage, Health and Unemployment Policy Protection Interviews and Cold Calls

Investigating fraud
– Accident Claims
– Insurance Claims
– Suspected Theft
– Embezzlement and Pilferage